You can find coins anywhere

You just never know where a story will lead you. Take this recent story for example.

My good friend from highschool has a roofing company in Tampa.  He has done quite well for himself. Started out working for several roofing companies and worked his way up managing them and making good money. 2 and half years ago he decided to go out on his own.

It has been quite a ride doing it all on his own but he is persistent and very hard working. I see him one day owning all of Tampa area and making millions.

Anyway he got a call to do this roof on this really old home. They at first wanting it to be repaired but after inspecting it he knew it needed to be completely replaced. The wood underneath was rotted and there eas just nothing to be salvaged.

They clients did decide to work with him so they got started on tearing off the old roof. Again this was an old house so it had hidden areas of the attic that were not accessible from underneath. Once they had opened the whole roof to see inside the noticed a wooden box sitting with a layer of dust on it. It was tucked in an area no bigger than 2 feet by 2 feet. Literally could not be accessed below. So someone placed it in there when the roof was installed 35 years ago.

They got the box out and gave it to the owner of the house. Inside was a collection of some very rare coins and had a value somewhere in the neighborhood of 50k. The owner recalled that the original owner was a museum curator and had the house built when he retired. He must of stashed the coins up there when it was being build for safekeeping. Guess he didn’t figure that he would pass away in the night before he could tell anyone about it.

It is an amazing story and what is even more amazing is the owner decided to rent the coins out to coin museums so that everyone could enjoy the cool rare coins that many probably didn’t know existed.

Just goes to show you that you never know where they will show up. Keep an eye open. Or two.

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