Cash for Gold

I recently was at the mall and for some new sneakers. As I was walking through I noticed a store that said “Cash For Gold”. I thought at first that I never have seen that before in a mall. Seeing I know a thing or two about gold coins I decided to do some digging.

I took my phone and searched cash for gold near me. Several related terms came up and I looked at the first couple sites. It seems with the recent spike in gold prices that people are seeing an incentive to let go their extra gold and turn it into easy cash. Right now it is selling at around $1300 per ounce. That is some big bucks that could change a few things around your life.

I deal mainly with old gold. Roman coins were first made of bronze which are not very valuable in terms of resale price. However when the Romans went into Italy they were able to mint coins using precious metals like silver and gold. These coins definitely have value and these coins I would hang onto.

If you have gold to sell then I would use your supply of jewelry that has lost your interest. Chances are they will never be that valuable unless sentimentality is involved. It would be better to let it go and use the cash to pay an extra payment on your mortgage or credit card. Think long term and how the interest would literally be worth it’s weight in gold.

I took this advice of mine and did just that. With all the certain jewelry laying around I cashed it in and got $2500 bucks. Put toward the interest on my mortgage and the rest I took my wife out to dinner.

This Roman and my opinion is solid.


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